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Automotive Locksmiths

Locked Out of your Car? Keys broken, lost worn or stolen?

Don’t Panic, Help is at Hand

An A.L.O.I. Auto-locksmith can unlock it, with no Damage guaranteed .

All modern car locks are very secure so when your keys are locked into the vehicle you need professional assistance.

Depending on the vehicle, its either possible to pick the key lock open or effect entry by non destructive means.

Car keys worn ? We can help you!

In most cases where customers ask us to repair the locks on their vehicle , we find that the problem is as a result of badly worn or poorly made keys. Using the latest in computerised key cutting equipment an A.L.O.I. locksmith can provide replacement keys made to original specifications. In most cases this solves the problems they were having at a fraction of the cost of replacement locks.

Keys Locked in Car

Car Keys broken ? We can help you !

Simply bring the pieces to your nearest A.L.O.I Locksmith and they will make you a replacement, in most cases for a fraction of what it would cost to have a replacement supplied from a main dealer.

If the key is broken in any of the locks and you are stranded, that’s not a problem. Some of our members provide a professional roadside service where they will have you back on the road as quickly as possible with a minimum of disruption and expense.

Simply click here and refine your search to “Auto Locksmith” to find the nearest A.L.O.I member to you providing an automotive roadside service.