Associated Locksmiths of Ireland

Master Key Service

Master Key systems are used to allow and restrict access to different areas within a building to different people using a minimum of keys.

The design and planning of a Master key System is critical right from the beginning and this is where our members expertise can help.

Careful planning backed up with a professional installation service means that you will get a customised master key system to suit your exact individual requirements.

When considering a Master Key System , insist on a Patented Key System.

Your local A.L.O.I. Locksmith will advise.

Benefits to you:

  • Security with as few keys as possible
  • Easy use, as only one key is needed for all relevant doors
  • Simplified organisation
  • It is possible to define exactly who has access to which areas
  • All cylinder locks like main entrance doors, internal doors, garage doors and padlocks can be locked with just one key